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Did you know that 78% of failed agile transformations find the lack of training as a main issue ? Skills of your teams are an essential leveraging tool to transform and make people happy at work !

DC CONSULTANTS  trains, certifies, coaches individuals and teams to agile project management, modern product management methodologies, modern technologies, wherever they start from !


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Trainings can benefit from government funding
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We are official partners of certification companies (such as SAFe, Devops Institute, Atlassian ...) and provide official certifications (such as

Jira et COnfluence
Formation SAFe

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Qui sommes nous ?

DC CONSULTANTS is the consulting company pure-player of agility, helping companies to manage their projects since 2013 ! For people in charge of delivering the best projects and products or leading their agile transformation, reducing their Time to Market, DC CONSULTANTS offers consulting services, tools, trainings with the intervention of Agile coaches, Change Managers, Product Owners, Scrum Masters, …